Just a thought for today

People always say, “Wow! I can’t believe you live on an island in the Caribbean. I’m so jealous. I wish I could do that!”

Why can’t you? Are you physically incapable of moving from where you currently live? No. You are not a tree.


From the Holstee Manifesto

From the Holstee Manifesto

4 thoughts on “Just a thought for today

  1. Hi Bear, I’ve been in DC for a week, so I just checked out your message. I agree with you. People who are unhappy and have not found their passion should change their lives, find their passion and their happiness. I feel like I was very lucky to find mine so early in life. Teaching and coaching were both passions for me and brought me great happiness. I feel sorry for people who feel like they are stuck in their lives. I hope they find the courage and the means to change it for the better.

    Love, Audie


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