Back to the motherland

I know I just said I’ll be heading back to the ole U S of A in August, but guess what?! I’ll be back next week! Before you all get too excited (at least I hope you’d be excited to see me?!), I’ll be in Florida. AKA nowhere near most of you. However, I will get to see some of my favorites at Tiffany and Mike’s wedding!

I’m super excited for this celebration – it’s all on the beach, I don’t have to wear shoes, and Tiffany and Mike are some of the funniest people I know so I plan on laughing for a few days straight.

Huge shout-out to my fabulous sister, Amy, and the incredible engagement photos she took for Mike and Tiff last year. They got engaged on the beach I grew up going to in Plymouth, so Amy took their engagement photos there last summer. Check out her Facebook page, Like it, and tell her how great she is (I know I’m biased, but seriously, she has a gift).






See you in Florida, you crazy kids! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Back to the motherland

  1. Hi Bear, Nice words about your sister and some great photos of Tiff and Mike. Have a great time at the wedding! I hope J is feeling better and able to get back to the ocean. Love, Audie


  2. That was a tease. I literally yelled, “Amanda’s coming back next week!” And then I read the next line… lol have fun!


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