Send lawyers, guns, and money!

I’ve been super busy lately. Between two jobsboth of which have been requiring more of my time recently – and lots of people leaving the island, I feel like I’m a spinning top. It’s that time of year when tourism slows down to a crawl, the temperature heats up to boiling point, and everyone and their mother leaves Roatan. Some leave forever, but most will be back.

We leave in two weeks and I can think of a handful of other friends leaving before August 31st. Others, like my friend Rika, have already headed back to civilization for a dose of potable water and gourmet cooking. We’ll be back in October, which seems to be about the average return for most. November starts high season all over again so we need to be ready to take that on at full speed. Of course, that’s still island speed, but you know what I mean.

In a shout-out to my brother who claimed this as his theme song when he visited me, for right now I’m hiding in Honduras.

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