Chew on This: Our Small Bite out of the Big Apple

After you bring an Irishman to Beantown, he’s going to want to visit the Big Apple. Obviously. So we ventured to NYC on a Greyhound bus for $18 each to set off on a new adventure!

Bus trippin'!

Free wifi, comfy seats, and an absolutely hilarious driver. Greyhound for the win!

We took a cab (don’t worry, the first thing he mentioned to the cabbie was that it was his first New York City Yellow Cab and he was SO excited! adorable…) and met my friend Kate at her office straight from the Port Authority. First NYC rooftop views!

Love her!!

She’s kind of a big deal.

Our first morning, we went for a run through Central Park, stopping to take a few photos along the way.

Central Park vistas (and yes, I am wearing a TMNT t-shirt)

Central Park vistas on a stunningly beautiful day (and yes, I am wearing a TMNT t-shirt)

Running shot a la Zooey Deschanel in “Yes Man”. One of my favorite things ever: a tunnel made from trees!

We took the Subway to Times Square so he could check out the chaos. First thing he did: befriend a man selling random CDs on the sidewalk. Don’t worry, it’s autographed.

We still haven't actually listened to it...

We still haven’t actually listened to it…

Next, we of course found the only Scottish pub in NYC to serve Irn Bru. Beers and Brus for a mid-day treat!

Irn Bru: Scotland's "other" national drink

Irn Bru: Scotland’s “other” national drink

Then we set off for the Financial District to check out the 9/11 Memorial and the new construction. The last time I’d seen it was probably 2006ish, so it’s quite a change!

9/11 Memorial site and WTC 1

9/11 Memorial

2013-09-04 14.33.37

1 World Trade Center

From there we wandered to Wall Street…

Yep, we actually went on a search for the bull...

Yep, we actually went on a search for the bull…

And then we shared a hot dog and a pretzel from a street vendor…

Street food = awesome. Sometimes.

Street food = awesome. Sometimes.

And then we wandered to the Ghostbusters fire station!

Hook and Ladder 8

Hook and Ladder 8

The coolest part of this day – for me at least – was a Midtown Cruise we took at sunset. It wasn’t intentionally at sunset, we just had a late start getting out that day after our run so by the time we went to pick up our tickets the options were to wait around for 45 minutes to get a mid-afternoon tour, or to return at 6pm for the last tour of the day. I am SO glad we waited! Not only did it give us plenty of time for all the other shenanigans that afternoon, but the views were gorgeous as the sun set along the buildings of lower Manhattan. Here’s a glimpse:

2013-09-04 19.02.24

1 WTC and downtown

2013-09-04 19.02.09

Lady Liberty looking lovely

2013-09-04 19.01.34

Photobomb level: 3-year-old

2013-09-04 18.18.15

Beautiful NYC

2013-09-04 18.25.50

Brooklyn Bridge

2013-09-04 19.02.48


To finish off the day, we met up with Kate at the dock after our tour, walked back through Times Square to see the bright shiny lights, and then picked up two giant pizzas and beer to take home for dinner. AWESOME.

Day two started off at the Empire State Building for some incredible views of the city. I’d been there before a few times, but we opted to buy the audio tour and I was so glad – there is NO way I could have provided as much information about the different neighborhoods and buildings. It was also really entertaining! Highly recommended for sure.

We were in an Empire State of mind

We were in an Empire State of mind. Yeah, I just went there.

From there we wandered to Bryant Park…

Love the pockets of green throughout the city

Love the pockets of green throughout the city

To the beautiful Grand Central Station…

Happy Centennial, Grand Central!

Happy Centennial, Grand Central!

Past the impressive Chrysler Building…

Did you know this was the world's tallest building for 11 months until the Empire State Building was completed? The more you know...

Did you know this was the world’s tallest building for 11 months until the Empire State Building was completed? The more you know…

And then over to Rockefeller Plaza.

No ice skating or Christmas Tree yet, just beautiful sunshine and strolling people.

No ice skating or Christmas Tree yet, just beautiful sunshine and strolling people.

Here’s the sad part of the story: when we went on our Midtown Cruise the night before, we saw the massive USS Intrepid sitting just a few docks over. We decided to try to add it to our schedule for the next day since we were there at sundown and it was too late the first day. So we took a bus from Rockefeller Plaza across town that dropped us right in front of this massive aircraft carrier. He could not have been more excited! Despite being fairly exhausted from walking around two days in a row in an overwhelming city after already being on the road for almost two weeks and meeting a gazillion people, he was a giddy little kid. Until we walked up to buy our tickets. And the sign staring us in the face said the last tickets were sold at 4pm. It was 4:15pm. Sadness…utter sadness. We could still see people wandering around the ship and yet we were stuck outside. He was gutted. But we got a few good shots from outside and he told me all about the airplanes he used to dream about flying as a kid. Seriously, he knew ALL about the planes. I think I learned more from him than I would have if we’d actually boarded the ship and looked through a pamphlet.

photo (20)

Lies! The Pavilion was NOT open for us.

photo (22)

Not the same as being on it, but at least we already have a plan for the next time we make it to NYC!

And what do you do when you’ve missed out on a great experience? Buy him a consolation beer. It won’t help, but it won’t hurt either.

Good ole Sam always puts a smile on your face.

Good ole Sam always puts a smile on your face.

NYC, you were fabulous for such a short period of time! We had a fantastic time and loved spending it with such an amazing friend. Until next time…

Hasta luego, Nueva York!

Hasta luego, Nueva York!

10 thoughts on “Chew on This: Our Small Bite out of the Big Apple

  1. Amanda and Jonathan: Sarah and I were waiting for your post from GB, so this NYC photoblog was an unexpected delight! So glad you had such great weather to show off the Big Apple and that Jonathan obviously is a man of fine taste who appreciated it (as we could already tell he is). We just moved my mom to assisted living in Providence this weekend, so your NYC photo tour was very nostalgic to me — recalling all the great NYC times and times with you and Sarah as kids in NY — boat ride near Statute of Liberty (and a photo of you and Sarah w/ World Trade Cntr in background), walks in the park across from my mom’s apartment, the view from Windows on the World, etc. etc. Hope you are continuing to have a fabulous trip, and we’ll await your photos from DC, Scotland and Ireland.
    Love to you both,


    • It was SO much fun to show him around – we even swung by the Natural History Museum at night so he could peek through the windows at the dinosaurs. It was a really great trip! We loved it šŸ™‚ DC will be next! Love you ā¤


  2. Hello Amanda and Jonathan – I loved viewing your photos from NYC! Wow! You did a great job of covering a lot of beautiful spots! Sorry Jonathan about not getting on the Intrepid šŸ˜¦ , but now you MUST come back! I am so looking forward to seeing your photos from Scotland!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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