On throwing plans completely out the window

A year ago today, I made the decision to stay in Roatan because I’d met a guy and he made me feel like I should take a chance. I scrapped my plans to travel mainland Honduras and Guatemala. I started looking at this place in a new light, asking myself if I could and wanted to live here for a while. I sent some emails off to friends and family updating them on my plans. I started chatting with other people who lived here as if we were old friends.

And then I stopped thinking all about me.

I realized I was happy and that was all that mattered! So I started thinking in we. We spent all our time together, we moved in together, we adopted a dog together, and we created a new home and a new family for us. We’ve traveled on an epic adventure together. We’ve grown and changed and enjoyed this time together. And it’s all been completely worth it. One year later I know it was the best decision I could’ve made and I’m so happy I took a chance.

So while we’re at it, everyone keeps asking why I never name him and he’s just some litany of pronouns and descriptive words. The reason is simple: because this isn’t his blog. I’m the one writing it and I wanted to be fair to him. He never asked for his life to be thrown across the internet so I wanted to offer him whatever privacy I could while still gushing about him here. So, yes, he’s this mysterious figure lurking in the background of these pages (just kidding, his face is all over it), but I think you’ll all survive 😉


5 thoughts on “On throwing plans completely out the window

  1. awwwwwwww you two. i remember last year when i was like “sooo….not leaving hey?” and you gave me a big grin and a “nope” while holding hands. best thing that’s happened around here. thanks for throwing your plans out the window, i’m happy you both are here and are my friends!! xo


  2. Amanda: I am SO HAPPY for you. You are an awesome role model for the rest of us. Just open yourself up to opportunity and embrace life!
    Sending love from VA!


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