Caribbean Bar Camp in Roatan

I get lots of emails from you guys asking for more info about moving to Roatan, working in Roatan, and vacationing in Roatan. Partly to make my job easier in responding to you and also partly to show off my awesome friends, I want to share an incredible opportunity offered here on-island for those of you interested in taking the leap – or at least considering it.

You all know The Buena Vida by now because I’ve talked about it a lot. Joe and Wendy have taken on a new venture that offers people like you the training and information you need to potentially move to the Caribbean to open your own bar or restaurant. If you’re specifically looking to do so in Roatan (which clearly some of you are based on your emails), this is an absolute must-do before you take the plunge.

Check out the press release I wrote for them, which was picked up by some Spanish-language news outlets here in Central America:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Contact: Co-Owners Wendy and Joe Mineff

ROATÁN, HONDURAS – If owning a bar and restaurant on a tropical Caribbean island is your life-long dream, it’s time to make that dream come true.

Introducing Caribbean Bar Camp (CBC), a one-week “Work-cation” on the island of Roatán offering the only training you need to open your own bar or restaurant in paradise. Book your short flight to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean and let the CBC team of experts teach you all you need to know while experiencing the good life.

“If you’re a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry ready to make the plunge to ownership in the Caribbean, we will take the fear and unknown off your shoulders,” says Joe Mineff, CBC co-owner and counselor. “If you are the foodie wanting a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we will make sure you go away with an incredible story to share with friends and family. Regardless of your background we will custom-build your training to ensure that when you complete CBC, your dream can become your reality.”

Wendy Mineff, CBC co-owner and counselor, explains “While you’re here we will teach you how to live the island life, focusing on a balance of work and fun. During your spare time you will enjoy the beautiful island of Roatán and everything island life has to offer including incredible sea life, stunning coral reefs, warm breezes and picturesque white sand beaches. While working in your open-air ”office” with views of palm trees and gorgeous sunsets, we will share with you the nuances of island restaurant ownership. Some topics include overcoming a limited supply chain, introducing local flavors to your menu, and understanding a diverse customer base in a tourism-centered area. Our daily schedules offer classroom sessions as well as actual hands-on training and – of course – plenty of island fun time.”

With over 25 years of restaurant industry experience and current insider knowledge as restaurant owners in the Caribbean, CBC counselors Joe and Wendy Mineff can prepare anyone for the obstacles they might face opening their own restaurant or bar in the Caribbean. “We’ve also partnered with experts in other fields,” Wendy continues. “We’ll cover foreign legal concerns including visas and personnel requirements; real estate issues like selecting the premier location and understanding a different market; and we’ll also provide you with the marketing tools you need to start your new venture.”

With frequent direct flights from Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Miami, and Toronto, discovering your dream is easier than ever. Who knows – you may even discover that you can have this life, too. “Finally,” Joe says, “Having a restaurant or bar in the Caribbean is not just a fantasy. Allow Caribbean Bar Camp to fulfill your life-long dream and open the door to your successful new lifestyle.”

CBC is currently accepting reservations. For more information visit or contact Joe and Wendy at

I also managed to get a plug for them in International Living Magazine’s Incomes Abroad publication. You have to be a subscriber to view the whole magazine, but here’s the screenshot for proof!

3-16-2014 11-49-19 AM

So if you can picture yourself owning a bar or restaurant on a tropical island, start here first. I really can’t stress it enough: they are experts and you need them. Without their help, well, good luck. And I’ll just say I told you so!

Here’s their website for more info:  HUGE bonus: my Irish-Colombian is the star of their front page so go check him out 😉

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