It’s Official: I’m a HuffPo Blogger

I’ve mentioned that I have a few really fun things I’ve been working on in addition to my day job and this blog. One of them was getting set-up as a Huffington Post Blogger. I decided I read enough of their posts (constantly) to warrant contacting them about writing for them, so I sent off a quick email and presto change-o they set me up with my own account. Cool!

You can check out my first post now to see how easy it is to start traveling. Feel free to comment and share from there – spread the love! And seriously, people. Stop planning so much all the time. It’s just not necessary.

Stay tuned for more fun things that are already in the works!

4 thoughts on “It’s Official: I’m a HuffPo Blogger

  1. That’s amazing! Congratulations! I’ve been wondering for a long time about how to become a HuffPo blogger. I guess I will try shooting them an email too. Hopefully they like my stuff as much as they obviously liked yours! 🙂


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