Two Years. TWO YEARS?! Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago, I hopped on a plane from Boston to San Pedro Sula. The goal was to backpack through Honduras and Guatemala for six weeks, ideally finding somewhere I wanted to live and work. But realistically I thought I’d have a great six weeks, and then figure out where to go next.

Leaving with snow on the ground in Boston - don't miss that at all!

Leaving with snow on the ground in Boston – don’t miss that at all!

I landed in San Pedro Sula, took a bus out to the coast, and by day two I found myself on the island of Roatan. I figured I’d be here for five days, soaking in some sunshine and salt air to melt the frost that had already begun back in Boston. Alas, fate had other plans.

I arrived on Saturday, November 10th. I met up with my friend, Kelly, who introduced me to her friend Ruth. On Sunday we all went to West Bay to hang out on the beach and enjoy a glorious sunny Caribbean day. After most other people had left, Ruth and I were chatting on the beach when this hottie *ahem* gentleman came strolling up.

Our first photo together - November 20, 2012

Our first photo together – November 20, 2012

A few minutes of small talk and I was intrigued. Fast-forward to Wednesday, when we bumped into each other getting coffee. From an early morning run-in to a late-night multi-hour conversation, I was infatuated.

By the next evening, I’d decided I wasn’t going to take that ferry back to the mainland on Friday. By Sunday, we’d decided I would move into his apartment with him. By Monday, a mere 8 days after meeting him and only 11 days since I’d left Boston, we adopted our furbaby Lina.

First family photo! She's no longer this camera shy.

First family photo! She’s no longer this camera shy.

Lina's "stop using the laptop and come play on the beach with me instead" face

Lina’s “stop using the laptop and come play on the beach with me” face

It’s been two years since I arrived in this little paradise I now call home. It’s been two years since I met and fell in love with this Irish-Colombian I now call home. It’s been two years since we adopted our favorite ball of fur we now call home. And it’s been two years since I left the home that I still call home.

Two years with these two is paradise

Two years with these two is paradise

Home is a fluid concept – not simply a place to sleep or hold your belongings. It’s a sigh of happiness being in the same space. It’s a belly laugh and a memory that always makes your eyes shine. It’s a need to be close to feel complete, knowing that distance leaves a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right. Home is how I’ve felt since we came together two years ago. It’s the “we” that makes it so familiar, rather than the where. Yes, our little island home is paradise. But arriving in Roatan two years ago isn’t what I’m celebrating this week. That exact date likely would have been forgotten somewhere along the way, blown out to sea in the salt breeze. What I am celebrating is a week filled with joy and love, right up through November 19th: Lina’s New Life Day. I hope everyone enjoys a bacon treat in her honor. And maybe a toast to love and feeling home.

Dinner in Edinburgh with his family for his parents' 30th wedding anniversary

Dinner in Edinburgh with his family for his parents’ 30th wedding anniversary



19 thoughts on “Two Years. TWO YEARS?! Happy Anniversary!

  1. AWW I remember all these things happening 🙂 Can’t believe how long we have been here, hey? I’m so happy you stayed! I’m literally eating bacon right now, thank goodness Lina isn’t here so I don’t have to share…even though she is my favorite pup!


  2. Congrats on your new life. What courage it takes to embark on a new adventure like that. I can’t believe we’ve known you almost 2 years after meeting you at the dive shop. Love Jonathan to death and wish you both the most happiness you can stand!


  3. What a nice post. I’m not sure that “love is all you need” but it certainly is among the most basic of needs, one which, when fulfilled, enables you to be sustained and thus able to give back to the planet and it’s varied complex inhabitants, human, canine and otherwise. I’m so happy for you and Jonathan and Lina.


  4. Great stuff Amanda and Jonathan! Glad we got to spend even a small amount of time with you two. Can’t wait to get back to Roatan one day.


  5. WOW love this post, sis!!! can’t believe it has been two years….and please fill me in on what you did that monday and tuesday?!?!


  6. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to find another expat in the blogosphere–and a dog rescuer–and a writer! I love your blog! Found you via the 7 Life-Changing Lessons article in the Huffington Post, took a hop over to browse, found this one… Yep, I’ll be back 🙂 (Oh, and happy belated anniversary.)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter


  7. Enjoying this blog-spent a year in Roatan in 1970 @ Port Royal Bay working a bonefish ranch. Mail once a week by boat, no paved roads-in fact just a short dirt road at cox’n hole by the Coral Hotel. Things went south for Roatan Lodge when a double hit from hurricanes deluged cottages and the docks with all but the main lodge sliding into the bay in shambles.I would imagine things have changed dramatically in 44 years


    • Thanks for reading, Charley! It has certainly changed a lot since 1970, but luckily Roatan hasn’t yet become and over-developed island like so many others in the Caribbean. My road isn’t paved and the mail still doesn’t come regularly 🙂 You should come back to check it out for yourself sometime! Be well!


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