House Hunters International in Roatan, Honduras

It’s that time again! Our House Hunters International episode is airing this weekend, so in case you missed it last time be sure to tune in or set the DVR. It’s airing at 11:30pm (Eastern) on Saturday, November 29th, and again at 2:30am (Eastern) on Sunday, November 30th. We’ll be watching so we can actually hear it this time since we had lots of laughter and added commentary from the peanut gallery last time (I love my friends and family).

Screenshots of our episode taken by Janine Willox - thank you!

Screenshots of our episode taken by Janine Willox – thank you!

It’s been fun since it aired in October – we’ve both been recognized by visitors to the island! It’s hilarious to feel like a mini-celebrity for a few minutes. We get a kick out of it. If you watch our episode and come to Roatan, don’t be afraid to say hi! We love meeting new people!

I also want to offer a shout-out to everyone who did the episode with us. Thank you so much for helping us out, hosting us, or just being awesome. Especially Mike Carter from Roatan Life Vacation Rentals, Ocean Connections Water Sports in West End, Roatan Oasis in West End, Flyboard Roatan in West Bay, Bananarama Resort in West Bay, and Sorabella Training Center in Watertown, MA. You guys are fabulous!

Special thanks to the people and locations who helped us film this episode

Special thanks to the people and locations who helped us film this episode

9 thoughts on “House Hunters International in Roatan, Honduras

  1. Thank you for writing about something so simple, yet so meaningful even to the people that are living vicariously through you. I have wanted to pick up and visit the islands for a while now, not having the money has hendered me. I’m sitting here scrolling through my note 4 6am and I run into you blog. It hit me! I upright and brought this phone for roughly $330.00 and that coulve been half of my ticket to paradise! Going to the islands means more than just a trip to me. I have my father there who I haven’t seen since I was 15, I am now going on 26. The thought of the life I know nothing about and I was born to (my dad is a native) has always captured me to know what the Bay is all about. Thank you for your writings and your life experiences. I felt like I could smell the salt and the mangos in the wind here in Louisiana.


    • Jontera, don’t let money be a hindrance. You can make it happen! If you really want to visit your family and learn more about your history, you can do it. Just work up the courage and go! I’m happy to help any way I can – feel free to email me if you have specific questions!


  2. I wanted my hubby to watch this episode of HHI because I wanted him to become interested in Roatan. We watched it just a couple of hours ago because I had recorded it. Then I saw your article on Yahoo. Hmmmm……that’s a coincidence! Now I’m going to check out real estate there.


  3. Oh for heaven’s sake. I did not realize that you are the very person on the HHI episode!
    Yes, I would say that is a happy coincidence. My hubby actually showed me the article on Yahoo last night but I was too tired to read it then and wanted to go to bed. Then I corralled him to watch HHI and then I got on the computer and read your article not realizing that it was the same person. Duh.


    • Haha Caterina I think this is my favorite sequence of comments ever! Glad you caught both the episode and the article 😉 You should definitely check out Roatan! I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, just shoot me an email!


  4. Oh, I watched this episode!! I also just read your article on Huffington Post and realised I need to start living more of an island life: I’ve lived in the British Virgin Islands and live in Jamaica (where I was born) right now and trust me, you’ve seemed to have enjoyed laidbaid island life a whole lot more than I ever have! Here’s to taking the Christmas holidays to go to the beach 🙂 you’ve inspired me!


    • Oh don’t worry, Jessica, there are plenty of days I still stress out about work or regular life issues! But it’s so much easier here to look around and think, what the heck am I freaking out about? Watching the sunset can do wonders when I’m having a bad day. It’s slow and calming and reminds me how lucky I am. Thanks for reading 🙂


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