Why I Moved to Roatan

People often ask me why I moved here. While there are many reasons, this is one of my favorites.

Here is Boston:


Here is Roatan:


Any other questions?

22 thoughts on “Why I Moved to Roatan

  1. How does your seasonal weather run? Meaning like a summer, fall, winter, spring. As you know, winter here can be pretty brutal. 🙂


    • We have rainy season and then glorious summer. Rainy season isn’t like monsoon season though, it’s not constantly deluging. You’ll get rainy days and then perfect sunshine. It’s usually November-February, with December and January being the worst. Other than that, we get the occasional storm or raincloud coming through between long bouts of sunshine! It stays around 78-86 F year-round as well, so that’s perfect!


  2. Love your blog…dreaming of moving to a place like Roatan one day. What do people do there during the rainy season. I have seen some of your previous post mention that when it rains there are little activities for tourist.


    • Thanks for reading, Shane! The primary tourist activity here is diving, which of course you can do when it’s raining. For tourists who don’t dive, there are tons of spas, movie nights hosted at different locations (there’s no movie theater), cooking classes offered at Ooloonthoo (a fabulous Indian restaurant), and of course plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you busy. It’s rare for us to get a week straight of terrible weather, so most people at least get some sunshine and the rainy days just force you to sit and relax a little more 🙂


  3. Right on, Amanda. It’s 27 degrees in Burgaw, North Carolina USA. Sure would love to live in a place where swimming trunks and flip-flops were the uniform of the day.


  4. Im in Wisconsin with a high of 12 today and -2 predicted for later this week. There’s no way I plan to stay here when i retire. I don’t dive but love to swim and snorkel and hike. I was curious if there is any surfing in Roatan.


    • No surfing unfortunately as it’s too calm. Great diving and snorkeling conditions though! There’s some kitesurfing on the east end, taking advantage of the higher winds on that side. You don’t have to wait until you retire to find paradise though! Don’t forget 🙂


  5. Hi Bear, I experienced the difference first hand yesterday. When we left Orlando, Florida, it was beautiful and in the 70’s. When we got home it was ZERO in Providence!! Yikes!!!!….but I can take it…..I’m a tough New Englander! Thanks for the nice email you sent to Miffy. She was very pleased to get it. One of the photos that was in the slide show at the Celebration of Life on Saturday was a great picture of you and Wes taken perhaps 20 years ago. The bonding with my siblings that took place over the past four days was reminiscent of that which took place after my dad died in 1984. Lots of support for Miffy and for each other. Stay safe and stay happy!!

    Love, Audie


  6. Is there an archives sort of thing where we can go and dig through previously asked questions to keep from “reinventing the wheel” with/for you? We have several questions but I am a few have been asked before. 🙂



    • Hi Mary! Haha I appreciate that 🙂 I don’t have any particular page set up, but that’s a fantastic idea. I’ll get working on it! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions, I don’t mind at all!


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