How to Celebrate an Island Birthday

Sometimes on an island you can feel isolated. Often, that’s not a bad thing! We are isolated from the media, from the commercialism, and from the frequent mass hysteria over the latest (fad/diet/Hollywood gossip/insert inane topic here) that can consume people elsewhere. We don’t have time for those things because we’re too busy watching the sunset or chatting with friends. Actually chatting without saying “uh-huh” while gliding through Twitter.

But while our isolation can be liberating, it can also be upsetting when it prevents us from celebrating special occasions with family or friends. Such is the case today: it’s the Irish-Colombian’s birthday. To surprise him and to show him how truly loved he is, I asked his friends and family to share a photo or video to wish him a happy birthday. I received messages and emails from over 50 people from 14 different countries, including 11 different U.S. states. I think it’s safe to say he is very loved!

I compiled the clips and photos together, and showed him the video as a surprise the night before his birthday. He teared up a bit, he was shocked at how many friends he had, and he was absolutely loving watching his favorite people in the world wish him a happy birthday via the magical internet.

If you’d like to watch some happiness, here’s the full video. Thank you to everyone who helped me pull this together – you are all amazing!

Happy birthday, my love! You deserve all the happiness this world can give you, and then more.

12 thoughts on “How to Celebrate an Island Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We loved the video; so wonderful that you have so many friends around the world who sent you such loving greetings. Hope you, Amanda, Lena and your island friends had a great time celebrating. Look forward to seeing you this summer.
    –Jannie and Fritz


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