Roatan Insider Tips: Island Radio

So you come to Roatan and you rent a car and you’re driving around thinking, “I wish there was an awesome radio station around here!”

Have no fear, my touristy friend, we have you covered. Tune in to 101.1 Blue Wave Radio and sing along to your heart’s content.


In case you’re pining for beach days and endless sunshine, you can stream the station online and listen from the discomfort of your small, lifeless cubicle. Just don’t blame me if your productivity ceases and your boss freaks out. Actually, yes, blame me. I will proudly take that one on!

If you’re lucky, over the next month you may catch an interview with yours truly about the upcoming Extreme Roatan mud and obstacle run. Think Tough Mudder with better views and less competitiveness. It’s held at the gorgeous Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum near Mud Hole on the road to Palmetto Plantation. If you haven’t been there before, it is most definitely worth the visit!

So tune in and enjoy. And if you hear me let me know!

5 thoughts on “Roatan Insider Tips: Island Radio

  1. Amanda, My company has slowly blocked most of the popular streaming radio stations like Pandora, Slacker, etc… I’ll bet they will never figure this one out! Your blog is inspirational to land-locked folks like me who aspire to someday live an unplugged island life. Thanks!


    • They blocked the music?! That is just tragic…Pandora helped me survive the office. Sadly, Pandora doesn’t stream in Honduras, so I converted to AccuRadio, and now that this local station is up and running I’m on it all the time!

      So glad you enjoy the blog 🙂 Thank you for reading! Don’t wait too long for that “someday” though!!


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  3. I will have a rental during my Roatan Island experience next week. Definitely going to check out that Blue Wave Radio station (love the name). Good music on an island is essential in my opinion. Thanks for the tip, Amanda 🙂


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