Roatan Insider Tips: Extreme Roatan April 4th

Hey guess what? In typical Amanda fashion I’m currently working on a multitude of projects! All super fun things, don’t worry 🙂

One of them is helping manage the next Extreme Roatan event scheduled for Saturday, April 4th. If you’re unfamiliar with Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, you clearly haven’t been living in the U.S. for the past several years. And that’s okay!

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Basically, Extreme Roatan is a mud run and obstacle course through one of the most gorgeous areas on the island: Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum. It’s a sprawling area covering about 164 acres of lush jungle and nurseries, including several hundred species of plants and flowers. The views throughout the racecourse are stunning as you reach hilltop after hilltop (there is quite a bit of elevation change, but it is SO worth it!) offering wide ocean vistas and – conveniently – a great excuse to stop for a second to take it all in (read: take in all the oxygen!).

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

If you will be on-island on Saturday, April 4th, you should participate in this awesome event! It’s not an elite race – we don’t even time it at all. If you don’t want to do any of the obstacles, there’s a walk-around option for every single one. If you want to walk the entire course, go for it! You won’t be alone. It’s a fun day outside not involving swimming or drinking, which is something of a rare feat for Roatan.

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Spectators are also welcome so even if you’re not ready to do the race (I will only accept major injuries or pregnancy as somewhat valid excuses), you can come to cheer on your friends as they crawl through mud, climb hills, and venture their way through the 4.5km course. There’s even a race for 14-18 year olds as well, so bring the whole family out for the day!

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Extreme Roatan (Devon Stephens Photography)

Music, food, drinks, and even real showers for participants to wash that mud off…it’s going to be a super fun event and I hope to see lots of you out there!

*** Important Information ***

There’s an Early Bird Discount if you register and pay by this Friday, March 20th! Don’t miss out! It will save you $5 per ticket, which is enough for 2 beers so take that into account with your planning, amigos. Register and pay online at – tickets are only $35 through this Friday!

Also, if you’ve been listening to 101.1 Blue Wave Radio, you may have heard me chatting about the event with Madison. If not, you can at least listen to our ad for Extreme Roatan here instead:

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