Looking for more?

In addition to this blog, I also regularly contribute to other blogs and write for magazines. Feel free to contact me for guest blogging, travel writing, or expat advice. You can see samples of my other writing and interviews here.

International Living Magazine

The Huffington Post

Women Who Live on Rocks


Expats Blog: American Expat Living in Honduras, Interview with Amanda

Easy Expat (blogexpat.com): From Boston to Roatan: AWalk on the Run

Podcast interview with Becoming an Expat‘s Shannon Enete: International Love and Accidental Expatriation

Writing Contests:

Expats Blog Awards 2013 Gold Medal Winning Entry

Press Releases:

Extreme Roatan

Caribbean Bar Camp

Samples from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (in my previous life, I worked as their Communications Associate)

You can also watch me on TV!

We were featured on House Hunters International looking for an apartment in Roatan. If we can get the episode online I’ll post a link here as well.

Please visit my site www.amandawalkins.com for freelance writing work and opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

6 thoughts on “Looking for more?

  1. Hi Amanda, loving your blog. Actually came across it after reading one of your Huff Post articles on life in Honduras. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions via email? Mine is janetnewenham(at) gmail dot com. Thanks so much!


  2. More of a question really….do you or have you ever had “island fever”. I was reading a blog about Hawaii the other night, and the author mentioned island fever as a reason why many people returned to the states. Is that a possible problem on Roatan or other Caribbean islands?


    • Hi Jack! I think anyone can feel cabin fever wherever they live – not just on an island. There are definitely people who get itchy feet so they don’t stay long, but overall I’d say most expats tend to take at least one trip off-island each year – whether to visit family or friends or just for a vacation – so that abates any feelings of island fever.


  3. Hi Amanda: My wife, myself and another couple are planning a two week trip to your beautiful island in january 2016 as part vacation and part looking for a place to come and stay for several months each winter. We live in Alaska so we are really excited to come and check out your island home. I just found your blog and it and many others answer most of the questions that we have , however if you have time I would love to ask a question or two so we know more about what to check out and where when we visit. Would you have time for this? Not on Facebook or anything else except e-mail, sorry. Alaska is not backwards just me. Thank you Chris


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