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  1. Excellent site and writings; I am also a freelance writer who has lived, and is living, the life of a wandering nomad, cert. yoga-Thai msg, therapist, health counselor, real estate liaison, and author of 3 books. Traveling and living abroad has enabled me to live my dreams, passions, and interests, and to follow my heart as the path unfolds before me, created by my intentions.
    Great advice for everyone Amanda, keep up the excellent work and being a light unto others, to be and live the happiness they seek.

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  2. Enjoyed your “7 Life-Changing Lessons” blog. Over the last 3 years, I have been spending increasingly more time on Roatan’s sister Island of Guanaja, and all of your lessons are right on target. From my own experience, I will add an 8th lesson learned. Don’t assume that “living in paradise” is truly that for the children living on the island. Don’t assume that they have access to books and the opportunity to get a quality education. The good news is that expats and travelers can make a difference. A small group of friends and I are providing thousands of books to schools and libraries in the Bay Islands. We will be opening the first Public Library ever on Guanaja on January 29th with over 15,000 books, providing something for all ages and reading levels….in Spanish, English, and even Bilingual books. Another lesson learned….giving back is the best way to remain thankful for what you have.

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    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment, Steve! I couldn’t agree more – as an expat you need to understand your adopted community and offer the services you can to help make it better. To be honest, I think everyone should do more of that in their home communities as well! Good for you with the library, that’s incredible! Keep up the great work and let me know if you ever come over to Roatan 🙂


      • Thanks Amanda….several of us will actually be arriving on Roatan January 24th, staying for 3 nights at West Bay Lodge before heading over to Guanaja on Jan 27th to launch the Library. We will be bringing down several hundred Spanish Language and Bilingual books to be routed over to Jeanne Perkins on Utila (childrenofutila). We will also be working with some of the PIER folks (Partners in Education Roatan) in order to get them some Spanish books as well. At some point, we will be meeting up with some expat friends of mine who call Roatan home. We will be meeting them over in West End. You guys would be welcome to join us for a drink or meal if you are in the area. Thanks again for your nice comments. Steve.


          • Sure Amanda…..it really is a worthy project, one that started with 125 books and 50 pounds of schools supplies for a small K-3rd public school on Guanaja. It quickly assumed “a life of its own” and grew beyond our wildest dreams over the last 7 months. I have done one interview with a local paper (New Braunfels, Texas, population about 60,000) and have been contacted by the editor of LaVoz (Spanish Language version of the Houston Chronicle) who wants to do a story on us sometime in the future. In the process of preparing for these, I have written a couple of short papers on the Project. One details our project in general. The other attempts to answer a lot of questions that I get from friends and relatives concerning why we are helping people who already “live in paradise”. I can provide these to you as well if you would like them. My email address is scubasteve0531@yahoo.com. I have a Honduran phone that I travel with and can provide that to you later. Thanks for your interest. Look forward to meeting you guys down the road !! Steve.

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